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XGameState Class
Holds a few functions for switching basic game states, such as paused and fullscreen. More advanced states should be written by the user in their game project.
  • SetSystemFont(string) - This sets the font that will be used by the engine for things like drawing the framerate. The argument passed should be the filepath of a user created "SpriteFont". See the tutorial in the Tutorials section on "Displaying the framerate of the game" for more information.
  • TogglePaused() - This will toggle whether or not the game is paused. If it is paused, it will unpause it, otherwise, it will pause it.
  • ToggleFullscreen() - This will switch the game between fullscreen and windowed mode.
  • ToggleFramerate() - This will toggle whether or not the framerate should be drawn on the top left corner of the form. This will only work if SetSystemFont() has been properly executed.

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