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These tutorials are intended to guide you through the process of setting up and using the X-Engine. Keep in mind that, at the moment, the X-Engine will only be a Graphics/Physics engine. Therefore, these tutorials may or may not touch on subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D Modeling, etc.

Series 1: Setting Up A Project
Tutorial 1.1: Creating the project
Tutorial 1.2: Setting up the project for use with the X-Engine
Tutorial 1.3: Integrating the X-Engine into the project
Tutorial 1.4: Displaying the framerate

Series 2: Displaying A Model
Tutorial 2.1: Adding the model to the scene
Tutorial 2.2: Adding an actor to the scene
Tutorial 2.3: Adding a camera to the scene

Series 3: Adding Input
Tutorial 3.1: Adding an input device to the game
Tutorial 3.2: Moving actors based on input

Series 4: Adding Menus
Tutorial 4.1: Setting up the menu styles
Tutorial 4.2: Setting up the menus
Tutorial 4.3: Navigating the menus with input

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