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Tutorial 1.2: Setting Up The Project For Use With The X-Engine
We now have a working XNA Game. If you press F5, you should get a blank blue window. In this tutorial, we will set up that game to use the X-Engine.
  • First you will need to download the latest release of the X-Engine. Go to the Releases section and download the "Compiled DLL" from the latest release.
  • Now we will actually add the Engine to our game. Open the "Solution Explorer" from the right side of your screen in Visual C#. If it's not there, go to View>Solution Explorer. Now right click References and select Add Reference. Choose "Browse" from the tabs at the top, and navigate to the .dll you just downloaded.
  • XEngine2 should now appear in your references. To actually be able to use that reference, we need to add a using statement to our game. Open game1.cs from the solution explorer, and add the following code to the list of "using" statements at the very top.

using XnaEngine2;

Your project is now set up to integrate the X-Engine into your game. To do so, go to the next tutorial: Tutorial 1.3: Integrating the X-Engine into the project


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