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Tutorial 1.1: Creating The Project
Before the X-Engine can be used, you will need a valid XNA Game to implement it in. Luckily, this is a very easy thing to obtain.
  • First make sure you have downloaded Microsoft Visual C# 2005. After doing so you will need to download XNA Game Studio 2.0. Links to these can be found below. For help installing XNA, visit:
  • Once you have downloaded and installed these two items, you are ready to create your XNA Game Project. Open Visual C#, and go to File>New Project>Xna Game Studio 2.0>Windows Game(2.0). Enter a name for your project, and hit OK.

You have now created your project. Press F5 to run the code and you should see a blank blue screen. To see how to get it ready for the X-Engine, go to the next tutorial: Tutorial 1.2: Setting up the project for use with the X-Engine


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