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X-Engine Library
Version 2.1.1

The library contains description of classes and their functions.
  • XE2 - The base of the engine. Holds functions for the basic functions of the engine.
  • XScene - This is the scene manager. It controls the rendering of objects, manages objects position, etc.
  • XCameras - This is the camera manager. It controls the updating of cameras and switching between them.
  • XGameState - Holds a few functions for switching basic game states, such as paused and fullscreen. More advanced states should be written by the user in their game project.
  • XInput - Manages the input devices of the game.
    • XInputDevice - This is an input device. It contains a function to retrieve its state.
  • XMenus - This is the menu manager. It has several functions for creating and navigating menus.
    • XMenu - This is a menu, it contains a function to add items to it.
    • XMenuStyle - This is a menu style. It is used to define how a menu should look.
    • XButtonStyle - This is a button style. It is used to define how a button should look.

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